At Weetabix On the Go, we’re on a mission to start every day better. And where better to start than breakfast?


Our superpower is making breakfasts that set you up for a brilliant day – and that do right by our planet as well. We give you The Weetabix Advantage in a bottle, so you can start your day better, knowing we’ll take care of the rest.


Got five minutes? Then read on to find out how we’re committed to starting each day better, with better packaging, better provenance, and better nutrition.



Better Packaging: we all want to do our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle, but it’s often easier said than done!

At Weetabix On the Go, we’re committed to making recycling easier for everyone. In 2020, we introduced our new bottle to the world… 18 months in the making, our new little guy is 100% recyclable. All you have to do is pop it in a recycling bin and job done!

We also keep our packaging ‘on the go’ by using recycled plastic in our bottles. Our bottles currently contain 30% recycled plastic, and we’re aiming to up that to 50% by the end of 2021.

As we continue to prioritise better packaging, we’ll always base our decisions around how easy our packaging is for consumers to recycle.



Better Provenance: At Weetabix On the Go, we source all the milk for our drinks from local farms, within a 50 mile radius of where they are made in Bridgwater, Somerset. This is important, as it helps us to keep food miles low and reduce our carbon footprint. Many of the fantastic farmers we work with are working on their own projects to reduce their environmental impact, such as installing solar panels.

All our chocolate products use UTZ-certified cocoa and we always take environmental measures into account when sourcing any new ingredients. Our commitment to better provenance means you can start every day better with a breakfast made from responsibly sourced, and, wherever possible, locally-produced, ingredients.



We know that a healthy lifestyle starts with the right breakfast choices. At Weetabix On the Go we’re committed to providing a nutritious breakfast on the go.

Containing the same sugar as a glass of milk, but with all the fibre and nutrients you’d expect from a bowl of cereal, Weetabix on the Go gives you everything you need to start each day better.

As part of the Weetabix family, we benefit from all the great nutritional expertise that you’d expect from the makers of the nation’s favourite breakfast cereal, and we’re committed to staying one step ahead in our pursuit of better nutrition. All our drinks are a great source of fibre, protein, and come packed with vitamins and minerals. We promise that our products will never be high in fat, salt or sugar, so that you can confidently choose Weetabix On the Go to start your day better.



We believe in a proper breakfast. A proper breakfast that will help set you up for the day – that could be helping you feel more on top of things and alert. That’s why ‘they’ve had their Weetabix’ has become a salute to extraordinary everyday achievements.